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We are no longer shipping Christmas Greens for the 2013 Christmas season. Merry Christmas!

Bark Basket


This unique bark basket with a handle is filled with fresh Blue Ridge Mountian Greens. It contains Fraser Fir, White Pine, Cedar, and Princess Pine, then we have added some pine cones and life like red berries. It measures about 12 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall. Very cute basket with a unique look.

Bark Basket - $33.95 each






Pine Cone Basket Native Greenery Arrangement

This round basket of red and green with a handle and panels of pine cones painted around it comes filled with some of our native greenery, Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood, Princess Pine with a festive touch of pine cones and berries. You have a choice of colors, Red Berries with Natural Pine Cones, or White Berries and White Tip Pine Cones. This is arranged in a bowl with oasis so you can add water for enjoyment throughout the Holidays. It measure about 14 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall including the handle.




Pine Cone Native Basket Greenery Arrangement - $30.95 each

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"White Christmas" Collection


“White Christmas” Basket

Dreaming of a White Christmas?  This beautiful White Birch Basket with a natural  Twig handle filled with Fraser Fir, Boxwood, Cedar and White Pine will bring the feel of a snowy Christmas to your home or office.  It is accented with Natural Twigs, Ilex Berries and White-tipped Pine Cones.  Available in 3 sizes:

Available in 3 sizes:
Large is approximately 20” wide x 22” tall 
- $124.95      



Medium is approximately 18” wide x 16” tall 
- $75.95


Small is approximately 14” wide x 16”
tall - $45.95       Sold Out




"White Christmas" Hanging Wall Pocket

A stunning way to decorate your door or wall with a White Birch Wall Basket and the Natural Twig handle and accents.  It is lined and contains Fraser Fir & Cedar placed in oasis with pops of Christmas color from Real Ilex Berries then finished off with Red Burlap Bow that adds a natural seasonal touch.  It measures approximately 28” tall x 22” wide.

"White Christmas" Hanging Wall Pocket - $85.95


"White Christmas" Sleigh

Nothing says Christmas quite like a sleigh. This elegant White Birch Sleigh, outlined in Natural Twig,  carries a full load of beautiful evergreens:  Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood, and Galax.  It is decorated with Real Ilex Berries and White-tipped Pine Cones.   It measures approximately 15” wide x 16” tall. 

"White Christmas" Sleigh - $60.95  Sold Out  


Joyful Sleigh


Nestled in a little red sleigh is a mixture of Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar, accentuated with Natural and White Tip Pine Cones, Red Berries and Red Twigs which will bring joy and delight to you or someone you love. The greenery can be kept fresh by adding  water to the oasis. It measures 15” high, 12” wide and 15” long.

Joyful Sleigh $34.95 each



Country Christmas Milk Can


This small replica of an Antique Milk Can with its distressed patina finish, will add a nostalgic touch to your Country Christmas.  It is brimming with Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood, Cedar and Galax then accented with Natural Twigs and Natural and White-Tipped Pine Cones.  The little Twine Bow adds to the country feel.  It’s in oasis so you can water and enjoy the fresh greenery all through the season. It measures approximately 14" wide x 20” tall.  

Country Christmas Milk Can - $37.50 Sold Out



Christmas In A Can

A galvanized tin can brings back fond memories of days gone by. This one is filled with Fraser Fir. White Pine, Boxwood, Cedar and Leucothoe along with Ilex Winterberry Sprays and Natural Twigs in oasis for watering to keep it all fresh. It measures 24” high by 14” wide.

Christmas In A Can - Sold Out

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Christmas Burlap Sack

Natural Burlap Bag filled with evergreen goodies in oasis to keep the greenery fresh throughout the season.  Made with Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood, Princess Pine, & Galax and accented with Natural Pine Cones, Ilex Berries and a Lotus Pod.
Available in two sizes:

Small is approximately 10” wide x 12” tall - $19.95 Sold Out


Large is approximately 16” wide x 16” tall - $26.95




Designer’s Choice


This moss wrapped container holds an array of Blue Ridge Mountain Greenery in oasis to which you can add water to keep it fresh for the Holidays. Our Designer has arranged Fraser Fir, White Pine. Princess Pine, Galax, with Teaberry leaves and Miniature Pine Cones with Ilex Winterberry sprays for a natural touch to your decorating. This Designer special measures 14”-16” tall and 12”-14” wide.

Designer's Choice - $44.95 each










The "Hanging of the Greens" Wall Basket

For a classy  touch, this  beautiful Moss covered wall basket filled with real Christmas greenery is the perfect choice.  You can decorate your door, post or wall with Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood, Cedar and Galax with accents of Real Ilex Berries and Red Twigs by simply hanging this beauty – a touch of simple elegance. Has a moss covered handle for easy hanging.
It measures approximately 16” wide x 18” tall.                

The "Hanging of the Greens" Wall-Basket - $53.95


Merry Chirstmas Wall-Basket

A Perfect way to greet visitors by hanging this Natural Wall Basket overflowing with  Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar on your Front Door.  It is decorated with Real Ilex Berries and finished off with a Red Burlap Ribbon and a solitary Natural Pine Cone.  The greenery is placed in oasis so water can be added to preserve the freshness.  It has a thick rope handle for ease in hanging.  It measures approximately 17” wide x 23”

Merry Christmas Wall-Basket -$40.95 Sold Out



Fireside Greenery Basket


Your Fireplace, Hearth, Entryway or Table will be a perfect spot for this beautiful basket arrangement of natural evergreens. It is filled with Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood, and Cedar that will give off the fragrance of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The pine Cones and red berries add a festive touch for Christmas decorating. It measures approximately 18" wide and 26" long and sets in a container with oasis so you can add water to keep it fresh throughout the holiday season. After the Holidays are over you will have a wonderful basket that will have many uses around the house.

Fireside Greenery Basket  $91.95 each



Blue Ridge Mountain Greenery Arrangement in Rattan Basket

We have a Rattan Basket filled with greenery gathered from the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The arrangement consists of Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood, Cedar,  Leucothoe, large Natural Pine Cones and Red Twigs. An absolutely beautiful bouquet that will be admired inside or outside your home. It measures 14-16” in diameter (across) and is 16-18” tall, suitable on a table, shelf or on the floor.

$40.95 each



Merry Twismas Birdhouse Greenery Arrangement

A little Birdhouse with a beautiful bark front houses an arrangement of  Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood, Cedar and a choice of Natural Pine Cones with Red Twigs or White Tip Pine Cones with painted White Birch Twigs in oasis that you can add water to keep it fresh for the Christmas season. It measures 14” wide by 12” deep and 14-16” tall adding a bit of nature fit for bird or human to your décor.

$51.95 each

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