Nature’s Bounty

In this bundle wrapped in burlap and tied together with twine you will find many of the things we treasure on the walks through the meadows and forests. Fresh Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar Sprays make a seasonal and fragrant display of Nature’s beautiful bounty. Rich red dried Yarrow, Natural Pine Cones and faux Red Berries will add a touch of color to some of the best Mother Nature has to offer. This special bundle measures 18-20” long and 14-16” wide. This beautiful collection of greenery will be a sweet display hung upside down on your wall, door or simply laid on a table surrounded by candles/other Christmas decorations of your choosing.

$20.95 ea.


  Copper Pot Arrangement

- $31.95

A copper pot with a band of light green around it make a truly nice accent with fresh mountain greenery nestled inside it. The plastic lining with oasis gives you the opportunity to add water for fresher greenery longer. Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar make an excellent base for the Galax leaves, Natural Pine Cones and Faux Natural Berries we have added to it. It measures 10” to 12” in diameter and is perfect for a small table close by so you can truly enjoy the fragrance.  



Birch Vase Arrangement




This is a beautiful arrangement for you or as a gift for family or friends. In a tall metal vase covered with birch bark which holds oasis to which you can add water is greenery consisting of Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood, Cedar, Scotch Broom, dried red Yarrow and Faux Natural Berries. The height of it makes an impact when you first see it and the fragrance appeals to your sense of smell, which can leave lasting memories for you. It measures 12” to 14” across and 28 ‘ to 30” tall.




Winter Woodland Collection


Winter Woodland Snowy Bark Sleigh

Standing 16” Tall, 16” wide and 12” deep the sleigh provides a natural space for gifts of greenery to be placed in the oasis with a plastic liner to keep the greenery fresher longer into the season.  Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar nestled in the Sleigh makes a perfect setting for White Tip Pine Cones. Faux Red Berries and Painted White Sticks. Now all we need is Santa ready to take off on Christmas Eve! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!

$73.95 each


Winter Woodland Snowy Bark Arrangement

Pictured is the medium size of this arrangement made in a container of Birch Bark spattered with white, thus the name Snowy Birch Bark, and a rim of green moss. It has Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar with accents of White Tip Pine cones, Faux Red Berry Sprays and painted White Twigs. It has a plastic liner with oasis so you can add water to keep the greenery fresh for the entire season, and measures 22” tall and 18” wide. You will enjoy its natural beauty and pleasing fragrance anywhere in your home or outside. There is a smaller and larger size available as long as they last.

Small $41.95 each
Medium $52.95 each
Large $73.95 each

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Birch Bark Moss Arrangement
Bring the maximum in beauty and fragrance of this arrangement along with the woodsy look and feel of the outdoors into your home. The pot has layers of natural twigs and birch bark wrapped around it with splotches of green moss all over it which makes it a natural for the fresh mountain greenery you will find in it. Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar make an ideal setting for Natural Pine Cones, Faux Natural Berries, Natural Twigs nestled in oasis with a liner so you can add water to keep it fresher longer.  The one in the picture measures 14” to 16” diameter. There are two additional sizes for you to choose from, they are 16” to 18” and one other 18” to 20” diameter.  If you like the idea of the fragrance of mountain greenery you will be delighted with this choice.

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"White Christmas" Collection


"White Christmas” Square Arrangement

A truly beautiful arrangement in a white birch square container filled with Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar makes a pleasing background for the rich, dark red dried Yarrow, red faux Berries, White Berries, White Tipped Pine Cones and White Birch Twigs. It measures 16” tall and is 10” wide and will fit nicely anywhere you wish to place it for your enjoyment and everyone who comes to visit. You can add water to the oasis which is set in a lining to hold the moisture for the greenery which will keep it fresh longer. Also, makes an excellent choice for friends or family.

$37.95 each



Snow Place Like Home Arrangement

This arrangement with a snowman just outside the door will be wishing all who come, “Merry Christmas”. Fitted in this melamine container with oasis in a plastic liner which allows you to add water occasionally to keep it fresh longer, is our assortment of greenery including Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar accented with white tipped pine cones, clusters of faux red berries, red birch twigs and a little snowman perched on top overseeing all the activities. It measures 16” to 18” diameter and provides that special fragrance that will appeal to your sensory memories of past Christmases. You can enjoy this in your own home or send as gifts to family members, friends or business associates.




Cowboy Christmas Boot

If you want to capture the heart of a cowboy or nature loving person send them a Boot filled with greenery that comes from outside where they spend most of their time. When taken indoors and stacked in a small boot the fragrance from the greenery brings to our senses the best memories imaginable. Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar are the basics highlighted with Scotch Broom Twigs, Red Painted Twigs, swatches of Red Bandana ribbon and a Red Bandana Bow. The entire height of the Boot Arrangement is 28” and it is 10” wide. It is lined with plastic and has oasis so you can add water to keep the greenery fresh for the entire season. This boot reminds us that people in all areas of the country celebrate Christmas by adding a touch of their life’s interests to greenery so many of us use for decorating at Christmas.

$48.95 each


Holiday Road Series Arrangement

Take a ride in a vintage Pick-up truck and cut your own Christmas tree. This is a treasured memory for many old timers and young ones still like to do choose and cut. We fill this melamine pot with a plastic liner that holds water to keep your greenery fresher longer. The Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar, provides the fragrance reminiscent of the olden days. With the addition of white tipped pine cones, faux red berries, and white twigs you have an arrangement to thrill everyone who receives one. It measures 14” to 16” diameter and sends a heartwarming Christmas greeting to you, family, friends or business associates.


Red and Green Plaid Melamine Pot Arrangement

- $29.95

What can be more fitting for the holidays than red and green plaid with a picture of a cardinal perched on a twig on the front of this Melamine pot filled with fresh greenery. You will have Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar topped off with natural pine cones, red berries and red twigs and a Cardinal perched atop one of the branches. This arrangement fits snugly in a pot with oasis set in a plastic liner inside the pot so you can add water when needed to keep it fresh for the entire Holiday season. There are two sizes available, one is 8” to 10” diameter and the other is 12” to 14” diameter. You may even feel like you are transported to the woods where the fragrance is even greater and the real Cardinals are singing the joys of the season.

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Holly Berry Metal Can Arrangement

You have a choice of an Off White, Red or Green small metal can, decorated with Holly Berries and Green Leaves, filled with some of our seasonal greens. The arrangement measures 12” to 14” tall and 10” wide nestled in a plastic lining with oasis to keep your Fraser Fir, White Pine, Cedar and Boxwood fresh by adding water from time to time. A small Red Bird is perched on a bough overlooking the small red berry clusters and shiny red, green and gold plastic balls with red twigs. These small arrangements will bring joy to the hearts of those who receive them, whether it be you who has ordered them or for friends and family.

$27.95 each

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White Birch Log Planter


The white Birch Log Planters are a favorite of many people. There are two sizes for you to choose from. They have plastic liners with oasis so you can add water for longer lasting freshness. Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar make a beautiful arrangement which we highlight with White Tip Pine Cones, White and Red Faux Berries and White Twigs. The smaller one is 10” to 12” diameter and the other size is 16’ to 18” long and 12” deep.  The fresh fragrance will linger long enough for lasting memories.


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   Mini Birch Basket with Handle


If you need an eye catcher for a small spot, take a look at this beautiful little arrangement in a small Birch Basket with a brown twig handle. It has a plastic liner with oasis to hold water much like the others. Fraser Fir, Boxwood, Princess Pine, Miniature Natural Pine Cones with Faux Natural Berries fills the basket with the same fragrance of the fresh mountain greenery and beauty that creates last memories. It measures 8” in diameter  including the handle making it a perfect fit for that small table or special spot close to where you can enjoy it up close.



Burlap Cardinal Metal Can Arrangement

This eye catching little red bird perched on a small branch of the Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood or Cedar in the fragrant arrangement mirrors the cardinal on the can. We have added natural pine cones and natural twigs with clusters of faux red berries which give it the appeal you expect for the holidays. It measures 10-12” and 14-16" tall making it suitable for just about any place you would like to put it. Also, it makes an excellent gift choice for family, friends or office.

$29.95 each

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Cardinal Welcome

The main, attention grabbing, focal point of this arrangement is the beautiful Cardinal on the container as well as the Cardinal nestled in the greenery consisting of Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar, tiny red faux flowers and white berries add a touch of beauty that accentuates the “WELCOME” sign on the can.  The arrangement measures 12-14” tall and 10” wide. You can add water to keep the oasis inside the lined container moistened to keep the greenery fresh for your enjoyment. It is also makes a wonderful gift for someone this Christmas




Tree Top Christmas Tree

Nestled in a Brown Bark Basket is a tree cut from a mature Fraser Fir, the Cadillac of Christmas trees, and set in this basket giving you the look of a regular tree on a smaller basis perfect for Apartments, Condos or if you just want a smaller one. It makes a perfect Christmas tree easy to decorate with lights, balls, ornaments or whatever you choose and taking down after the Holidays is a cinch, you won’t feel like a Grinch!  This mostly Fraser Fir tree has the addition of White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar placed all around inside the branches with a Lotus Pod, Natural Pine Cones and Birch twigs sticking up throughout. The entire tree in the basket stands 3’ Tall and is 15” to 20” wide. The lined basket has oasis which allows you to add water to keep it green and fresh much longer. You could put one outside on either side of your entrance into your house or garage, or just imagine what fun it would be in a child’s room, etc. Let your creative genius take over and decorate it any way you like. How about one for the birds with Pine Cones covered in Peanut Butter and Sunflower seeds pressed into the Peanut Butter, etc.? The options are endless with this small Christmas Tree!

$73.95 each


Pine Bark Burgundy and Gold Arrangement

This Pine Bark container, filled with Fraser Fir, White Pine, Boxwood and Cedar, has an added touch of Gold Sprayed Mountain Laurel with Burgundy or Red Faux Berry Sprays, Gold painted Berry sprays, Gold with Burgundy or Red Velvet Swatches accented with small and large Plastic Gold Balls. If you like Elegance or Bling you get it with this exquisite arrangement created to enhance the beauty of the greenery we use as a background for all of our Arrangements. We offer 2 different sizes, 12" diameter and 16" tall, or 18" diameter and 22" tall. Choose your size and clolr option when ordering.

12" size $48.95 each
18" size $68.95 each

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